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Plastic Tongue Depressors


Tic Tong Plastic Tongue Depressors



  • Double-ended device with one rounded end and the other molded with assorted animal figures
  • Bubble Gum (Tutti-frutti) aroma and flavored tongue depressor
  • Non-toxic, Free from sugar, latex, Bisphenol A (BPA) and chemical substances
  • Disposable and Individually wrapped
  • Made of polypropylene (PP)
  • Available in 05 colors light green, baby pink, light yellow, blue, light orange.
  • Ideal for oral motor exercises
  • Laboratory Tested:
    • Batch samples are periodically tested by accredited FDA laboratories
    • Tic Tong is free of oral and intraperitoneal toxicity, and has never shown any case of allergic reaction
  • Certifications:
    • Internationally certified: Patented, CE, FDA, ISO 9001:2008 - ISO 13485:2003 - RDC 59/ BPF
    • TGA: AUST_R 219992



  • The use of Tic Tong Plastic Tongue Depressor has shown a reduction in discomfort, anguish and fear in children during a doctor's visit caused by ordinary wooden tongue depressors
  • Improves interaction with patient and analysis of reactions
  • Stimulates all 5 senses